Improving Primary Care: Patient-Centered Medical Homes

NCQA’s Patient-Centered Medical Home program highlights primary care providers who have shown us they can coordinate care among all a patient’s doctors and other health care providers. You get better access through expanded hours.
  • You get help understanding treatment options and are a partner in decisions about your care. 
  • You have better access through expanded hours and the web.
  • Providers work in teams to prevent problems and manage chronic conditions to keep you healthy.
The result is better quality and fewer costly trips to emergency rooms and hospitals. 

NCQA Patient-Centered Medical Home standards show primary care providers how to make these important changes. We offer three levels of Patient-Centered Medical Home recognition.  Level 3 is the highest level. 

You can get details about NCQA’s Patient-Centered Medical Home program in a fact sheet here and by visiting the PCMH webpage.