Strategies for Advancing Health Equity

We can only achieve high-quality health care if that care is equitable—but what happens when initiatives aren’t implemented? NCQA’s Director of Health Equity Initiatives, Dr. Bryan O. Buckley, joined the host of Becker’s Payer Issues Podcast for a discussion about the importance of following through.

Dr. Buckley shares the importance of shifting the leadership conversation away from financial ROI on investing in health equity initiatives to the cost of not investing in them. He points out that ROI encompasses not just financial return, but also generates community trust, improves patient satisfaction and increases alignment with a health plan’s overall mission of providing high-quality care to the community.

In this podcast, Dr. Buckley encourages thinking about the holistic value of investing in health equity, and the NCQA programs that help organizations start—and advance—their health equity journey.


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We should stop thinking about making the case for health equity and instead think about what happens when we don’t do this work. Gaps of inequities increase.”

Dr. Bryan O. Buckley

-Dr. Bryan O. Buckley, DrPH, MPH, MBA,
Director of Health Equity Initiatives