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From research to accountability programs, NCQA helps state and federal governments identify high-performing organizations and improve health equity in the community.

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Inequitable care leads to increased and prolonged health issues in underserved populations. We know that addressing social determinants of health and identifying and reducing care gaps is a top priority for federal, state and local government agencies.

NCQA’s work in this space, which ranges from research to accountability programs, helps uncover best practices and provide frameworks that can help health plans, health systems and others improve outcomes, protect consumers and lower costs for patients and members.


Uncovering What Works

NCQA has over 30 years of industry-leading research experience on improving health care quality, and a long history of bringing key stakeholders together. Our research prioritizes causes of unequal health outcomes and helps uncover solutions that can improve health equity. We recently worked with the Health Equity Collaborative, an alliance of stakeholders representing a variety of health care organizations that work to identify data for addressing health care gaps and develop an action plan that leverages the strengths of each partner to reach a common goal.

Accreditation Programs

Building an Accountability Structure

NCQA’s Accreditation programs create an actionable framework and accountability structure to improve quality and protect consumers. Health Equity Accreditation and Health Equity Accreditation Plus help state and federal agencies identify health plans, health systems and organizations that align with industry-leading best practices to deliver high-quality, equitable care to all segments of their populations. NCQA also builds health equity standards into its other programs, including Health Plan Accreditation, Patient-Centered Medical Home Recognition and Specialty Pharmacy Accreditation.

Quality Measurement

Making Data More Usable

NCQA continues to evolve quality measurement to help improve equity in care and identify organizations that are actively reducing health inequalities. Review stratified HEDIS® measures of Accredited entities demonstrating their ability to analyze clinical quality measures based on race, ethnicity and other metrics to identify opportunities to address possible health inequities and close gaps in care to ensure equitable health care for all segments.

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Contracting & Teaming

Building Custom Solutions For States

NCQA partners with federal and state governments to customize special health equity initiatives such as the Health Equity Innovation Incubator project and through our support of the CMS Office of Minority Health. NCQA identifies opportunities to align our standards for quality improvement with states’ quality strategies and operational standards. Our toolkits provide guidance and research on adaptable, sustainable practices that improve health care quality.

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