Advancing Standardized Health Equity Quality Measurement

Measurement can help illuminate how well health plans are serving Medicaid enrollees, how equitable the care being provided is, and ultimately help drive improvement.

NCQA, with support from the California Health Care Foundation, is undertaking work to advance standardized health equity quality measurement. While this work is focused on Medicaid programs, the findings will have implications for other payers and settings as well. The grant, which will lay the groundwork for an accountability infrastructure for equitable care measurement and reporting, has three objectives:

  • Increase understanding of current health equity quality measure use and application among state Medicaid programs.
  • Recommend a common set of health equity quality measures, by domain, that state Medicaid programs (and potentially other purchasers) can leverage as part of accountability and value-based payment programs.
  • Evaluate health equity measure composites and summary scoring concepts for use in Medicaid program accountability.


White Paper: Evaluating Medicaid’s Use of Quality Measurement to Achieve Equity Goals

An increasing number of states use explicit equity measurement and accountability in their managed care programs. This white paper which examines state Medicaid program’s current health equity efforts, also suggests a common language around intent, goals, methods, and expectations, and may help move the needle towards accountability for equitable care.

The authors examine peer-reviewed and grey literature, review state contracts and public policy statements and conduct interviews with seven state Medicaid representatives. Their paper focuses on five themes:

  • State Medicaid approaches to overall equity strategy
  • Priority populations and areas of focus
  • Use of measurement
  • Health plan accountability and evaluating performance
  • Stakeholder and community engagement

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Interested in hearing more? Members of the project team discuss findings and implications in the NCQA blog.

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What’s Next

Going forward, NCQA will take the insights gained about the current state of play and use them to develop a recommended standardized health equity measurement framework, with core measurement domains and related core equity measures. The team will also begin evaluating different approaches to scoring or creating composites of equity measures to identify which are best fit for use in Medicaid.

Please check back for updates. The team expects to release its final report in July 2022.

This work is supported by the California Health Care Foundation (CHCF), which works to ensure that people have access to the care they need, when they need it, at a price they can afford. Visit to learn more.