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Get Access to the latest HEDIS and CAHPS Health Plan performance results and bencharks to support your quality improvement goals.

Struggling to improve your organization's healthcare quality? NCQA's Quality Compass can help! This data portal gives you exclusive access to health plan performance and benchmarks to identify areas for quality improvement. Quality Compass includes HEDIS and CAHPS performance metrics and gives users the ability to create custom reports to analyze trends and share them easily within your organization. Add our trended package to easily compare results and see improvements for up to three years at a time. Plus, the user-friendly platform simplifies reporting. Now, Quality Compass provides even more insights with access to new datapoints like numerator, denominator, eligible population, and even performance distributions by race and ethnicity. With Quality Compass, achieving your quality improvement goals is within reach.

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2024 (MY 2023) Quality Compass Release Timeline

Aug 9
Quality Compass 2024 (MY 2023) Commercial products are released. Deadline Submission Memo
Sep 27
Quality Compass 2024 (MY 2023) Medicaid and Member Experience products are released
Oct 25
Quality Compass 2024 (MY 2023) Medicare products are released
Nov 26
Quality Compass 2024 (MY 2023) Exchange products are released

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Do you intend to distribute the Quality Compass data outside your organization?

The Quality Compass standard license agreement allows external data distribution for up to 15 measure indicators, 2 benchmarks per indicator and 20 health plan rates. An external use case outside of these permissions will require a custom license agreement.

Examples of External Use Cases:

  1. Sharing benchmarks or plan performance with provider network or clinics.
  2. Posting results on a public-facing website or document such as an annual report or dashboard.
  3. Distribution of data to a third-party organization such as a consultant or data analytics organization.

Your use case requires a Quality Compass Custom Data License. Click continue to contact the Information Products team for assistance.


Your use case requires a Quality Compass Custom Data License. Click continue to contact the Information Products team for assistance.


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Case Study

The Quality Compass Experience

Atrium Health, a leading healthcare system in North Carolina, leverages Quality Compass to implement a robust quality measurement program. This data-driven approach empowers them to establish improvement goals according to the comprehensive performance benchmarks available through Quality Compass. Atrium Health utilizes measure results to gather insights to support negotiation of payer contracts and consistently surpass established quality standards.

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Gain a competitive edge with NCQA's Member Experience Data Set

This comprehensive resource dives deeper than satisfaction scores, revealing real member experiences in areas crucial to their well-being. Utilize these insights to make informed decisions that prioritize member needs and build lasting loyalty.

Leveraging NCQA's Member Experience Data Set allows you to:

  • Identify strengths and weaknesses: in areas like access to care and member satisfaction with health plan, personal doctor, and specialists.
  • Analyze performance: against other health plans and identify areas for improvement.
  • Make data-driven decisions: to improve member satisfaction and retention.
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Benchmark and Plan Data Set Sample

Access a Sample Data File: This sample provides a glimpse into the Quality Compass data structure, including:

  • Benchmarking Data: Compare your plan's performance against industry averages and percentiles.
  • Plan-Level Results: Analyze individual health plan performance on a specific set of measures.
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Exploring NCQA's Quality Compass Webinar

July 11, 2024 @ 1:00 PM ET

Join us for an exclusive webinar unveiling the latest advancements in NCQA's Quality Compass—the premier tool for comprehensive health plan performance analysis and benchmarking. In this webinar, you'll discover what makes Quality Compass indispensable for organizations seeking to elevate their quality improvement initiatives. Our expert panel will walk you through the brand-new features and enhancements, showcasing how they enhance usability, expand analytical capabilities, and provide unparalleled insights into health plan performance.

Madison Yaniz
Assistant Director, Information Products
Priya Desai
Customer Engagement Analyst
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