Quality Compass®: Benchmark and Compare Quality Data

Quality Compass® lets you examine quality improvement and benchmark plan performance through online access to health plan HEDIS® and CAHPS® performance data. You can create custom reports for up to 3 trended years, comparing measures and benchmarks (averages and percentiles). Results in table and graph formats offer simple comparison of plan performance against competitors or benchmarks.

Order Quality Compass

For ordering assistance, corporate family licenses or license packages for more than 30 users, submit an inquiry through My NCQA.

How to Order the Correct Data Set

Order Quality Compass based on:

  • Product line.
  • Number of users.
  • Years of data.
  • Data Exporter option.

Follow these steps to make sure you choose the right product.

  1. Choose the product line of data:
    • Commercial.
    • Medicaid.
    • Medicare.*

*Quality Compass Medicare contains the latest HEDIS data from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, along with NCQA averages and percentiles. Medicare CAHPS data are not included in the license.

  1. Select data years:
    • Current year’s data: Most recent year of HEDIS data.
    • Trended data: Up to 3 years of trended data.
  2. Decide whether to add the optional Data Exporter—perfect for enhanced analysis and research—that lets you:
    • Download custom-built reports directly from the online tool into MS Excel.
    • Get access to the complete All-Measure Download (based on years purchased).
    • Access confidence intervals exclusive to the Data Exporter and not included in standard editions of Quality Compass.
  3. Select the number of licensed users:
    • Single user.
    • 2–10 users.
    • 11–20 users.
    • 21–25 users.
    • 26–30 users.
    • 31+ users (contact NCQA for additional information).

Refer to the Quality Compass terms of use to ensure that you purchase the appropriate user access. Quality Compass provides a license to a single legal entity or organization as the licensee, with the right to access and use the product by a limited number of authorized users who are employees of the licensee.

Log Into Quality Compass

Already a user? Log into Quality Compass at www.qualitycompass.org.

Release Dates

Quality Compass data are released for each product line at different times of the year. Dates for 2018:

  • Commercial: End of July.
  • Medicaid: End of September.
  • Medicare: End of October.


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