Kidney Health Toolkit

Kidney Health Toolkit

Kidney Health Toolkit

Improving the Quality
of Kidney Care

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The Kidney Health Toolkit includes the following resources for patients, providers, health plans and health systems to employ best practices in promoting kidney health and CKD care, especially among people with risk factors such as diabetes.

  • Provider guide on diabetes and CKD testing.
  • Patient-focused infographic on CKD risk factors and testing.
  • Patient-focused pamphlet on understanding a CKD diagnosis and next steps.
  • Patient and provider-focused poster on how to talk about CKD.
  • Roadmap on using population health to improve care for CKD.

Provider Guide

Let’s Talk About Diabetes and Kidney Health: Ready-Set-Test

CKD often goes hand in hand with diabetes. This provider resource outlines clinical practice guidelines for CKD screening in patients with diabetes, describes tests used to diagnose and monitor CKD, explains how to interpret test results to manage patients with CKD and summarizes a new HEDIS measure for kidney health evaluation for patients with diabetes

Patient & Provider Poster

Chronic Kidney Disease: Talk, Listen, Learn

CKD is complex and can be hard for patients and providers to talk about. This poster includes helpful tips for patients and best practices for providers to start the conversation.


Population Health Roadmap for Chronic Kidney Disease

Population health management can improve care for patients with CKD. Health plans and health systems can use the Roadmap to educate themselves, understand how their processes align with NCQA program requirements and, ultimately, encourage development and use of population health management strategies to improve care of CKD.

Patient Infographic

Are Your Kidneys at Risk?

Despite its prevalence, many patients are unaware of the risks and causes of CKD. This infographic educates patients about CKD and the function of the kidneys, lists the leading causes of and risk factors for CKD, describes tests that assess kidney health and discusses next steps based on test results.

Patient Pamphlet

You’ve Been Diagnosed with CKD. Now What?

A diagnosis of CKD can be overwhelming. This pamphlet helps patients know what to expect after their diagnosis, offers information about how they can work with their doctor to monitor and manage their condition and provides steps patients can take to slow the progress of CKD to avoid kidney failure and other health complications.

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