Accreditation of Case Management for Long-Term Services and Supports Benefits & Support

NCQA Accreditation of Case Management for Long-term Services and Supports benefits impact operational performance and marketplace competitiveness. Organizations seeking accreditation receive resources and support to help them during and after the evaluation process.


Earning NCQA Accreditation can help organizations:

  • Become more efficient. A focus on coordinated care, training and measurement can help organizations reduce errors and duplicated services.
  • Integrate care better. Standards can help organizations improve communication between individuals, caregivers, providers, payers and other organizations that coordinate care.
  • Provide person-centered care. Standards focus on person-centered services, which can lead to better care planning and monitoring.
  • Support contracting needs. Standards align with the needs of states and MCOs. NCQA-Accredited organizations demonstrate that they’re ready to be trusted partners in coordinating LTSS services.


You can find more information about NCQA’s Accreditation of Case Management for LTSS in the following:


  • The Policy Clarification Support (PCS) system, My NCQA, and FAQs can help you interpret NCQA standards.
  • Policy Updates: Lists corrections, clarifications and policy changes to our stated Standards and Guidelines.
  • LTSS Best Practices Academy: Interactive forum for professionals to discuss strategies for coordinating quality long-term services and supports (LTSS) programs.
  • Education and Training: NCQA offers a variety of training options, from on-demand web-based programs to live in-person seminars.
  • LTSS Roadmap: A compilation of resources to guide organizations through meeting
    Case Management and Health Plan Standards for LTSS
  • Advertising Guidelines: Designed to help customers create clear, factual and accurate advertising and marketing materials.
  • Seals: Created to provide print-friendly graphics for use in promoting the NCQA status.
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