NCQA appreciates all feedback, and uses comments to enhance and develop programs and products. 

What are we working to achieve? 

  • Support CCBHCs as they transform their model of care. NCQA has vast experience helping organizations transform patient care through our PCMH Recognition program. To help CCBHCs provide the highest-quality care possible, NCQA will leverage best practices from the PCMH model of care to CCBHCs.  
  • Support state oversight of all CCBHCs in the state. We offer support to states with multiple CCBHCs participating in NCQA’s program, such as additional data/measure collection and dashboards highlight CCBHC’s progress. As CCBHCs transition to sustainability in state Medicaid programs, supporting documentation will be critical for aligning with Medicaid requirements for CCBHC payment.  
  • Decrease the burden on state staff, and increase opportunities to support CCBHCs. By leveraging NCQA’s independent third-party survey infrastructure and educational materials, states can decrease the burden on staff, freeing them to support CCBHCs in other ways.  
  • Increase confidence in the quality of care and services provided. NCQA has streamlined and simplified the evidence process to demonstrate meeting SAMHSA standards, increasing confidence in CCBHCs and their ability to meet criteria. Clear, objective, ongoing standard reviews can motivate organizations to commit to continuous quality monitoring and improvement. 

Please download and read:  

  1. The proposed standards and evidence requirements
  2. The crosswalk between NCQA draft standards and SAMHSA standards.   

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