Prevalidation for PCMH and PCSP:
2024 Pricing and Fees

Starting in 2024, vendors earning prevalidation will earn the status for both NCQA Patient-Centered Medical Home and Patient-Centered Specialty Practice Recognition. Fees below are effective starting January 11, 2024.

Initial Fees

Fee TypeAmountDue Date
Application Fee$11,140Due with signed Prevalidation Review Agreement
Per Reviewable Competency Fee$1,785Due with signed Prevalidation Review Agreement

Program Application Fee (nonrefundable): The initial fee paid with submission of a signed Vendor Prevalidation Agreement. It covers preliminary discussions and gives guidance for reviewing vendor software solutions and alignment with NCQA standards.

Per Reviewable Competency Fee (nonrefundable): A fee submitted for prevalidation review. The number of competencies submitted for review determines the fee.

Annual or Special Event Fees

Fee TypeAmountDue Date
Transfer Fee$2,780Due shortly after new standards releases as specified by PCMH program directory.
Annual Maintenance Fee$2,780Due annually on anniversary of Initial prevalidation date.

Transfer Fee: Covers the cost of transferring existing eligible prevalidation credit to an updated version (e.g., transfer PCMH 2014 to PCMH 2017.) This fee is paid by current prevalidated vendors in lieu of a full program application fee and annual maintenance fee (if applicable).

Annual Maintenance Fee (nonrefundable): Required each year for maintaining prevalidation status and covering administrative support. The initial term is 12 months; thereafter, the prevalidation status renews on its annual anniversary renewal date, which is when the renewal fee is due. A discount is given to vendors with prevalidation for multiple programs. Maintenance Fee will be waived for vendors who have reviewed for additional transfer credit prior to annual anniversary renewal date.

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