Get Started – Population Health Program Accreditation

If a patient’s journey through the health care system is fragmented and uncoordinated, the result can be increased costs and poorer outcomes. Population health activities can help organizations identify the needs of patients and deliver appropriate, coordinated care, but many organizations don’t have a defined framework for effective population health management.

NCQA Population Health Program Accreditation helps organizations align their operations with the industry’s best population health management practices. Having a solid population health strategy reassures organizations and employers that they can monitor and address opportunities and challenges in their populations.


Use the NCQA Population Health Program Accreditation standards to perform a gap analysis and determine improvement areas. Standards provide a framework for implementing best practices to standardize care and:

  • Increase efficiency and the ability to manage complex individuals better.
    • Systematically collect, integrate and assess data to inform, measure and operate your population health management program.
    • Assess your population’s needs; update activities and resources using results.
    • Segment populations for targeted interventions.
    • Provide targeted interventions based on level of need.
    • Provide support to practitioners.
    • Measure individual experience, program effectiveness, cost and participation rates.
  • Implement effective, targeted population health management programs to meet contracting arrangements.
    • Offer automatic credit to health plans seeking Accreditation for eligible population health management requirements, reducing administrative efforts.

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