Health Equity Research

Mitigating the adverse effects of health inequities—as well as addressing their origins in American institutions, structures and systems—requires collaboration across the health care industry, as well as beyond it, into communities that health care organizations serve and at the state and federal levels.

White Papers and Research

NCQA’s body of work to improve health equity includes its standards-based programs, measurement, and research that span multiple types of stakeholders and customers, as well as multiple topics with health equity implications. The NCQA team contributes to existing literature on health disparities through the development of manuscripts and abstracts published in peer-reviewed journals or featured at industry conferences.

Our work includes:

  • Existing literature, programs and quality measures pertaining to health disparities.
  • Reference materials that guide decision making from the focused efforts of the Health Equity Collaborative.
  • Facilitated meetings and webinars.

Contributions to the Knowledge Base on Health Disparities:

Research Reports and Data highlights published on the CMS website: