Education & Training: Health Resources Services Administration (HRSA)

NCQA supports health centers that want to become PCMHs.

NCQA’s Government Recognition Initiative & Projects (GRIP) team provides training and technical assistance for Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs). Both online training and teleconferences are available.

Online Training

Q-PASS Q&A – Occurring monthly, NCQA staff answer your questions about the Q-PASS system and discuss system changes and updates.

PCMH Office Hours – This interactive forum is designed to address customer questions related to PCMH standards, the application and survey process. NCQA staff will respond to questions live!

  • PCMH Office Hours – February 14, 2023
    Featured Topic: Understanding Workforce Needs
    During this webinar, NCQA will address health center workforce challenges, their impacts on center operations, and provide guidance from the PCMH standards on handling operations with resource constraints. Session will also include live polling and Q&A!
  • PCMH Office Hours – March 15, 2023
    Featured Topic: Lessons Learned from the HRSA Coaching Pilot
    During this webinar NCQA will review lessons learned from HRSA PCMH Coaching pilot followed by live Q&A session.


  • PCMH Office Hours – January 10, 2023
    Featured Topic: Health Center Strengths: Lessons from NCQA’s Annual Analysis of PCMH Performance.
    During this webinar NCQA reviews findings from its annual analysis comparing health center and private practice performance in PCMH Transforming Surveys, highlighting areas of key strength arising from the health center model.
  • PCMH Office Hours – December 12, 2022
    Featured Topic: Care Management in PCMH
    During this session NCQA staff discuss identifying patients for care management and how to establish a person-centered care plan for patients in care management that includes patient preference, functional/lifestyle goals, potential barriers and self-management.
  • HRSA National Training – PCMH Video Series Premiere  – November 14, 2022
    This training focused on the HRSA sponsored video series on PCMH Recognition for Health Centers. The videos were created in 2022 and highlighted health centers demonstrating the attributes and principals defined by the PCMH Recognition program
  • PCMH Office Hours – October 12, 2022
    Featured Topic Q-PASS Process for HRSA Look- Alikes (LALs)
    During this session, NCQA staff will provide an overview and live demonstration of the Quality Assessment Performance System (Q-PASS) for Look-Alikes (LAL). The demonstration will include how LALs can complete the enrollment process and use the HRSA sponsor code for payment.
  • HRSA National Training on Kidney Health Resources – Chronic kidney disease – November 14, 2022
  • PCMH Office Hours – August 10, 2022
    Featured Topic: PCMH 2023 Standards Update
    This webinar features NCQA staff discussing PCMH 2023 Updates and Clarifications released July 2022 followed by Q&A
  • PCMH Office Hours – May 3, 2022
    Featured Topic: NOI Process Overview
    This webinar features NCQA and HRSA staff discussing the Notice of Intent (NOI) process (e.g., EHB, submission, NOI approval process, NCQA NOI communication) and addresses common questions pertaining to process and timeline for PCMH Recognition submission.
  • National Training Session: Person-Centered Outcomes – March 2022
  • PCMH Office Hours – March 8, 2022
    Featured Topic: Q-PASS Refresher for HRSA Grantees
    This webinar features NCQA staff providing an overview of the Q-PASS enrollment process for HRSA grantees.
  • PCMH Office Hours – February 8, 2022
    Featured Topic: UDS Reporting and PCMH Alignment
    This webinar features NCQA staff discussing efforts made to align the timing of UDS Reporting and the PCMH survey submission process and Q&A.
  • PCMH Office Hours – January 11, 2022
    Featured Topic: PCMH 2022 Requirements
    This webinar features NCQA staff discussing an overview of the 2022 PMCH requirements and Q&A
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