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NCQA programs help health systems identify disparities in care and close gaps for your populations while supporting the priorities of contracting partners.

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Although each health system is at a different point on its health equity journey, all can answer the call from payers, government regulators and the populations they serve to provide equitable health care. NCQA’s health equity programs and initiatives are designed to help health systems build process and measurement frameworks to identify gaps in care, reduce health inequities and provide health care and social resources, regardless of a population’s race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, or socioeconomic or cultural characteristics.

NCQA has been developing industry-leading health care quality and measurement programs for over 30 years. We have evolved our existing programs and built new ones to help organizations align with and share an ongoing commitment to improving the equity and quality of health care.

From Accreditation programs to measurement evolution, to custom trainings and solutions, NCQA’s health equity strategies can demonstrate to payers, regulators, business partners and patients that an organization is committed to—and accountable for—elevating the delivery of equitable care.

Accreditation Programs

Align With Government and Contracting Partners

NCQA’s Health Equity Accreditation and Health Equity Accreditation Plus programs provide an actionable framework for health systems to measure and reduce disparities in patient populations. Health systems that earn NCQA Accreditation can:

  • Improve care and reduce disparities.
  • Differentiate themselves as health equity leaders in their communities.
  • Align with payers and contracting partners.
  • Standardize organizational best practices.

Learn more about NCQA’s accreditation programs.

Quality Measures

Advance Measurement and Insights

NCQA is advancing measurement in health care to help health care organizations collect and use data—including NCQA HEDIS® measures stratified by race and ethnicity—to understand the cultural, linguistic and social needs of the individuals they serve. This helps identify patients’ needs and opportunities to ensure access to high-quality, equitable care.

Learn more about our Data, Measurement, and Equity


Train & Develop Employees

NCQA develops courses and training to help health systems standardize knowledge across their organizations and advance health equity. We can also build custom training to meet your health equity needs. Search available courses or contact us for custom training for your team.

Custom Solutions

We’ll Tailor A Solution to Your Needs

NCQA can develop custom solutions tailored to your organization’s needs. Drawing on NCQA’s over 30 years of measurement and quality experience, our team of experts can help you enhance measurement and enable quality improvement to advance health equity and reduce health disparities. NCQA is also looking for organizations to participate in pilot programs or research initiatives related to health equity. Contact us to learn more about opportunities.


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