Building a strong foundation for the future of health care

When individuals aren’t feeling well, their primary care focus is to get better as quickly as possible, with limited down time—but factors like cost of care, access to facilities, provider availability, scheduling conflicts and other barriers can affect how patients approach their health care needs. Traditional venues of care —the hospital and office settings—are shifting to virtual modalities of care. This evolution in how care is delivered effects processes, reporting and quality of care. 

In response to this, NCQA identified virtual care as an area for quality improvement. We know that although accessible care is important, it must also be of high quality and equitable across the care continuum. 

How We Help 

NCQA’s Virtual Care Accreditation focuses on primary care and urgent care delivered through virtual modalities. We want the product to serve as a roadmap for safe, effective and equitable care delivered virtually, recognizing the elements that are crucial to quality in this area.