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6.15.2023 Use of a Delegate's Self-Service Portal for Delegation Reporting Is it acceptable for organizations to pull reports from a delegate’s system for the delegation agreement reporting requirement?

Yes, if the delegation agreement addresses the required information in the Explanation. The delegation agreement must specify:

  • How often the organization accesses the reports (i.e., must be at least semiannually). The frequency must be specified. Stating “on demand” or “as needed” does not meet the requirement.
  • What information is reported by the delegate in the delegate's system about the delegated activities.
  • How the organization will access the delegate’s system, and to whom information is reported (i.e., to appropriate committees or individuals in the organization).

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3.26.2020 Guidance and Exceptions to NCQA Programs Regarding Coronavirus Has NCQA issued guidance about exceptions or modifications to NCQA programs and requirements in response to the coronavirus?

Yes. NCQA posted guidance for HEDIS reporting and Accreditation/Recognition programs at https://www.ncqa.org/covid/. NCQA is monitoring the effects of the coronavirus on our customers; we will adjust requirements as circumstances warrant. Please continue to check this website frequently as the situation continues to evolve.


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