Health Resources & Services Administration

HRSA funds nearly 1,400 health centers and approximately 100 Health Center Program look-alike organizations, collectively operating more than 14,000 service delivery sites in communities across the country. Health centers deliver primary care to the nation’s underserved individuals and families, including 1 in 3 people living in poverty and 1 in 5 rural residents. In 2021, health centers served more than 30 million people.

The Health Center Perspective on PCMH

This series of HRSA-commissioned videos demonstrates how the PCMH model of care can greatly impact and improve health center operations.

Cahaba Medical Care

This video highlights Cahaba Medical Care and how the medical home model has allowed them to maximize the skills, training and abilities of their clinical and non-clinical staff to improve operations, promote better quality and improve satisfaction among center staff.

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California and North Carolina’s Primary Care Association

This video features interviews with the California and North Carolina PCA staff members, discussing their efforts and how they have helped centers improve the quality of care and service they provide and maintain that quality in shifting circumstances and varied challenges.

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Cherokee Health Systems

This video examines how Cherokee Health Systems PCMH infrastructure and commitment to this model of care provided flexibility, creativity and resilience to tackle the unprecedented challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Grace Health

This video highlights Grace Health response to the COVID-19 pandemic and demonstrate how Behavioral Health providers were able to integrate PCMH practice’s workflow using telehealth across a spectrum of customers.

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Penobscot Community Health Care

Penobscot Community Health Care discuss how they manage challenges related to staffing/resource shortages by utilizing elements of the PCMH model such as the team-based approaches to care and access options (e.g., telemedicine) to maintain the quality of care and service they provide.

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Piedmont Health

This video demonstrates Piedmont Health’s success with the PCMH concept of care and details where the care model can make a difference – for patients, and staff.

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Shasta Community Health Center

This video highlight the superlative work Shasta Community Health Center is doing to engaging patients to ensure routine preventive services, like cancer screenings, are back on track following the crisis of the COVID pandemic.

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Swope Health

This video focuses on how the PCMH model helped Swope Health Services excel at identifying and addressing health inequity and healthcare disparities in the post-COVID healthcare landscape.

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Animated Videos on Key PCMH Recognition Processes and Systems

Health Equity
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Value of PCMH
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Key Processes Explained
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Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) Toolkit for Health Centers

This toolkit provides an overview of the patient-centered medical home model and guides health centers through the NCQA PCMH Recognition process.



Toolkit at-a-glance:

  • Explains the benefits of NCQA PCMH Recognition.
  • Illustrates how the HRSA requirements align with NCQA PCMH Recognition.

Outlines the steps your health center will take to successfully gain and maintain PCMH Recognition


Community health centers can use this link to find step-by-step information for completing their center’s Notice of Intent (NOI): HRSA Accreditation and Patient-Centered Medical Home Recognition Initiative | Bureau of Primary Health Care. If you already submitted your NOI, you can confirm your NOI’s status with HRSA via the BPHC contact form.

To submit an NOI, Look-Alikes can navigate to the BPHC contact form, go to Look-Alike Designation, select the Accreditation and Patient Centered Medical Home Recognition (APCMH) – LAL option and then select the Notice of Intent option from the drop-down menu to submit a NOI. To submit a PCMH Recognition certificate, select the Updating Recognition and Accreditation Certificates option from the drop-down menu.

If the sites in question are no longer operational, please alert your Representative (“Ask a Question” in Q-PASS) so we can update our records.

Consider submitting your NOI as soon as possible. Direct questions to HRSA via the BPHC contact form.


NCQA provides education, training and technical assistance to community health centers and Look-Alikes that want to become NCQA-Recognized PCMHs or maintain their Recognition.

Health Resources Services Administration (HRSA)


NCQA’s PCMH Recognition program is the most widely adopted PCMH evaluation program in the country. More than 10,000 practices (with 50,000+ clinicians) are Recognized by NCQA. More than 95 organizations support NCQA Recognition through financial incentives, transformation support, care management, learning collaboratives or MOC credit.

The PCMH model of care puts patients at the forefront of care. Patient-centered medical homes build better relationships between patients and their clinical care teams.

Research shows that PCMHs improve quality and the patient experience, and increase staff satisfaction—while reducing health care costs. Practices that earn Recognition have made a commitment to continuous quality improvement and a patient-centered approach to care.

Learn more about NCQA’s PCMH Recognition program here.