The PCSP Recognition Process

To become an NCQA-Recognized PCSP, a specialty practice learns the standards and guidelines and applies them to the practice. When ready, it submits a survey tool and NCQA evaluates how it has met the standards. Follow these guidelines if you are a practice seeking recognition using the PCSP Standards and Guidelines from 2016 or earlier. If not, NCQA has redesigned the PCSP and Oncology Medical Home Recognition programs. This new process will launch in July 2019. Learn more about the redesigned PCSP and Oncology Medical Home Recognition programs.

  1. Download Standards & Guidelines

    PCSP standards and guidelines detail program requirements and the documentation required to be recognized. These can be downloaded for free in the NCQA store.

  2. Access Online Application/Eligibility Check

    The eligibility check starts the recognition process. If you have more than 3 sites, you may be eligible to submit a multi-site survey tool and streamline documentation. The application can be accessed through the NCQA store.

  3. Learn Standards & Transform Practice

    NCQA education seminars can help familiarize you with the standards and prepare you for the survey process. Standards help transform your practice.

  4. Purchase the Survey Tool.

    Use the survey tool to submit documentation. Multiple sites with different systems or policies/procedures may need more than one survey tool.

  5. Submit the Application.

    When you are ready for NCQA to review your survey, submit the final application ad pay the application fee.

  6. Submit Completed Survey.

    Submit the completed survey and documentation online.


  7. Receive Your Recognition Decision.

    Survey results are generally provided within 60 days of survey submission.


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