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This section contains the tools and the information you need to renew recognition or manage practices. You will also find resources to help guide you through the Annual Reporting process.

Annual Reporting

Annual Reporting sustains a practice’s recognition and encourages continuous quality improvement. Practices will attest to some policies and procedures and submit evidence (documentation or measurement data) to NCQA to prove they meet requirements.

Promoting Your Recognition

Earning NCQA PCMH Recognition sets you apart from your peers in attracting patients and contracting with payers. Promote your status with these tools.

Recognized practices are listed in the NCQA Report Cards on the NCQA website. The directory can be searched by practices and clinicians.

Adding or Deleting Practices

Organizations that want to bring additional practices through recognition must do so through the Q-PASS system using the current PCMH Standards. Organizations that have multi-site recognition can add new sites.

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