What You Need to Know

Organizations transitioning from traditional quality measurement to digital quality is a complex effort and is broken into multiple phases. These phases consider availability of measure content, technology, source data and logistical dependencies as well as general readiness of stakeholders.

The phased approach is also designed to capture and address a number of important topics that will allow stakeholders to define the transition scope and effort, quantify the investment, plan the transition, eliminate current challenges and realize the benefits of digital quality.

Clinical Data Sources

There are multiple ways to source clinical data. When sourcing clinical data for your individual populations, there are several different types of organizations/sources who have that data. The value of interoperability is that the clinical data will be standardized in the same format.

 Who to ask for standardized clinical data

  • Your own interoperability teams
  • Data vendors interoperability teams
  • Your EHR’s interoperability teams
  • HIEs
  • Registries

Transforming Clinical data to FHIR

There are different ways to transform Clinical data in to FHIR. Work with your interoperability and data management teams to determine the best options for your organization


ECDS is a reporting method for data collection and a dQM is a digital version of traditional measures.

  • A reporting standard for HEDIS measures.
  • Structured way to aggregate electronic data.
  • Supports electronic exchange of clinical data.
  • Use structured data captured electronically from an EHR.
  • Uses CQL for measure execution with the QDM data model.
  • Self-contained package of file; ELM and human readable information.
  • Published in a standard, interoperable format.
  • Computer interpretable, fully specified, standards-based (i.e.,  FHIR-CQL technical specification.
  • Supports clinical (EHR) and claims data.

Timelines and Roadmaps

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