Health Plan Accreditation 2020: Improving the Experience

NCQA is enhancing the survey tool and process for accreditation to improve the customer experience and simplify the survey process. Improvements will be launched as part of the 2020 Health Plan Survey Tool. Some will be part of the March 2020 launch and others will be added throughout next year. Improvements include:

Application and Survey Improvements for National surveys

  • Today organizations with National surveys need to submit applications for every state and purchase multiple survey tools.
  • Starting in 2020, organizations with National surveys will only submit one application per legal entity.
  • Organizations can enter information that applies to multiple accreditable entities into one application and copy it to other applications. Organizations can choose product lines to be surveyed by evaluation product.
  • Surveys will be conducted using one survey tool per legal entity.
  • This will save health plans time, as they will not need to manage and submit multiple applications or manage multiple survey tools.

Improving the File Review Process

  • NCQA currently conducts the file review process using Excel workbooks.
  • In 2020, there will be a new file review application platform integrated into the current survey tool system.
  • The improvements will include validations to and tool tips to improve user guidance and reduce errors.

Linked License and Single Site, Multiple Entity (SSME) Unified View

  • In 2020, organizations will have a simplified interface for navigating between multiple survey tools.
  • This will reduce burden and save time for organizations preparing for survey,
  • The system enhancements will be more intuitive throughout the survey and post-survey process.

Single Document Library

  • Documents will be retained in a single library which will allow document sharing across multiple licenses or standards years.
  • This will create a centralized place for all documents, making it easier for health plans to manage and search documents.

You can pre-purchase the Health Plan 2020 Survey Tool today. It will be available in March 2020.

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