Survey Tool: Interactive Review Tool (IRT)

What is IRT?

The Interactive Review Tool (IRT) is a web-based platform used to manage the NCQA Accreditation and Certification survey process. Organizations will use the IRT tool to:

  • Access the Standards and Guidelines.
  • Complete presurvey process steps, including a self-assessment.
  • Submit survey materials and documentation.
  • Manage all steps in the survey process, including:
    • Review documents.
    • Receive issues.
    • Respond to issues.
    • Conference calls.
    • Provide comments.
    • Onsite survey (where applicable).
  • Review results.
  • Receive the final report.

IRT Trainings

NCQA offers live webinars and on-demand trainings to help you learn the IRT tool and prepare for your surveys.

Where to Purchase IRT Survey Licenses

You can purchase survey tool licenses through the NCQA store.

What programs use the IRT survey tool?

  • Population Health Program Accreditation
  • Case Management Accreditation
  • Accreditation of Case Management for Long-Term Services and Supports (LTSS)
  • Certification Verification Organization (CVO) Certification
  • Credentialing Accreditation
  • Health Equity Accreditation
  • Health Information Products Certification
  • Health Plan Accreditation
  • Long-Term Services and Supports (LTSS) Distinction
  • Managed Behavioral Healthcare Organization Accreditation
  • Multicultural Health Care Distinction
  • Provider Network Accreditation
  • Specialty Pharmacy Accreditation
  • Utilization Management Accreditation
  • Wellness & Health Promotion (WHP) Accreditation & Certification
  • Data Aggregator Validation
  • North Carolina Care Management Agency Certification


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