Data Licensing: Health Plan Performance Data and PCMH Recognition Standards

Build your own tools and analyses with NCQA health plan performance and practice recognition standards data. Licensed data are ideal for:

  • Researchers.
  • Life science organizations.
  • Population health organizations.
  • State and government entities.

Build your own tools and analyses with NCQA health plan performance data

NCQA’s health plan performance data license gives you the data to:

  • Create customized tools for resale relationships.
  • Access the most comprehensive and standardized database of comparable health plan and benchmark information in MS Excel.
  • Gain valuable market insights on plan performance to support development and sales strategies.

NCQA will work with you to identify data elements that fit your business objectives and tailor a custom extract to your needs. Available data elements can include, but are not limited to:

  • Health plan name.
  • Health plan descriptive information.
  • Plan-specific HEDIS® and CAHPS® performance measurement data.
  • Health Plan Ratings.
  • National, regional and state averages and percentiles.

Recognition Program Data

NCQA offers detailed extracts of PCMH recognized practice’s recognition scores, including scores for each criterion used to determine the practice’s submission for recognition.

Data are ideal for researchers who want to measure the impact of PCMH recognition on outcomes or for states that want to implement incentive programs to drive quality.

Get Started

For more information on licensing NCQA data, contact us through My NCQA.

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