Process: Measure Certification

Become an NCQA-certified Vendor

  • Complete an application and pay the fee. The first step to becoming a certified vendor is completing an application, signing a 1-year certification agreement and paying the certification fee. Request an application through My NCQA.
  • Receive test decks. NCQA creates unique sets of sample data for each measure—“test decks”—from randomly generated, member-level test data. These test denominator, numerator, exclusion and risk adjustment logic. There are also test decks for the systematic sampling method and survey sample frame.
  • Process test decks. Process test decks through your HEDIS® or AMP measure code and provide the results to NCQA.
  • NCQA reviews results. We compare your measure results to expected results, to determine if the code in your software computes the measure correctly.
  • Earn NCQA Measure Certification. If the code in your software computes the measure correctly, it passes certification. NCQA issues a final certification report and seal that you can distribute to health plans, potential clients and certified auditors to demonstrate your achievement.

About the Test Decks

  • A practice sample deck and multiple test decks are available for each measure so you can correct errors.
  • Measure test decks are not packaged together and are tested individually. This gives you the option of testing a subset of measures.
  • Testing also includes the 2018 Quality Rating System (QRS) measure set, which comprises clinical measures from HEDIS and a Pharmacy Quality Alliance (PQA) measure (Proportion of Days Covered).

Questions? Contact us through My NCQA.


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