Infrastructure and Tooling

For digital quality adoption to be truly successful, there needs to be confidence and choice in the technology and data enablement services that support digital quality. These organizations develop software, including the CQL engines and tooling that help applications run with confidence in a way they all run the same way to support considering digital quality measurement.

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What’s the Digital Quality Transition Playbook?

This section contains, the Digital Playbook and resources specific to the Infrastructure and Tooling workstream, from understanding the HEDIS Implementation Guide to phasing out traditional measures and continued optimization. We make frequent updates to this space, so sign up for notifications!

Digital Introduction – Phase 1Digital Enabled – Phase 2Fully Digital – Phase 3Digital Only – Phase 4
  • Understand the HEDIS® Implementation Guide.
  • Determine FHIR data transition plan.
  • Inventory clinical data sources.
  • Determine availability of FHIR-based data from data partners (FHIR from the source).
  • Determine CQL strategy and best engine options.
  • Plan for integration and digital measures and outcomes.
  • Identify risks and integration gaps.
  • Phase out traditional processing.
  • Continue to optimize FHIR-from-the-source, CDI and data quality initiatives.
  • Keep current with FHIR, USCDI and IG updates.

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