PCMH Benefits and Practice Transformation Support

Because PCMHs play a key role in achieving the “triple aim” of better quality, better patient experience and reduced cost, there are a variety of initiatives, tools and programs that help practices earn recognition.

Benefits and Support for Practices

Payer Support: Partners in Quality

Because NCQA PCMH Recognition is associated with lower costs and better quality, many payers offer financial support, coaching and technical assistance or physician tiering for practices that earn NCQA PCMH Recognition. Many payers’ value-based contracts also incorporate NCQA PCMH Recognition as part of their incentive program. Learn more.

Documents and Publications

PCMH Standards and Guidelines: Includes the following:

  • Requirements for PCMH Recognition.
  • Quality Improvement Worksheet.
  • Record Review Workbook.
  • Crosswalks.

Annual Reporting Requirements:


MACRA rewards clinicians who earn NCQA Patient-Centered Medical Homes (PCMH) and Patient-Centered Specialty Practices (PCSP) Recognition. Learn more.

Benefits to Practices, Clinicians and Patients

NCQA PCMH Recognition Benefits Everybody: The Practice, Clinicians and Patients. See How.

Business Considerations for PCMH

NCQA PCMH Recognition has been shown to improve quality and reduce health care costs. Practices that implement the PCMH model also need to effectively plan for how the implementation impacts them financially. NCQA engaged Milliman, one of the world’s largest providers of actuarial services to develop a white paper that addresses the question: What are the operational and financial considerations for becoming a PCMH-Recognized entity from the perspective of a primary care practice? Get the White Paper.

Board MOC Credits

Many clinicians can receive board maintenance of certification credits for practicing within an NCQA-Recognized PCMH. Find Out How.

Evidence of PCMH Recognition

The latest research on the Patient-Centered Medical Home and its impact on quality, cost and patient experience. View the Evidence.

PCMH Sponsorship

Sponsorship helps us make programs like PCMH possible.

Lead Sponsor

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