Get Started – DRP

In 2021, the Helmsley Charitable Trust approved our application for a 4-year project to refresh the NCQA Diabetes Recognition Program and conduct new measure development.

Summer 2023, NCQA will launch an updated DRP process. The refreshed program will include an updated platform, an updated measure set with the inclusion of kidney health, and an ongoing recognition status with Annual Reporting instead of a 3-year recognition cycle.

The refreshed program offers:

  • Flexibility. Practices have two ways to submit data through FHIR or csv. file.
  • Personalized service. Clinicians have more interaction with NCQA and are assigned an NCQA representative who works with them throughout the recognition process as a consistent point of contact.
  • User-friendly approach. Requirements remain meaningful, but with simplified reporting and less paperwork.
  • Continuous improvement. By reviewing your progress more often, you keep performance improvement at the top of your priorities list.
  • Alignment with changes in health care. The program aligns with current public and private initiatives and can adapt to future changes.

Learn more today. Fill out the form and an NCQA representative will be in touch.