Information on Evergreen Contracts

NCQA is introducing Evergreen Contracts to Health Plan Accreditation, beginning with HPA 2020.

Instead of signing a new contract on renewal every three years, you will sign one contract whose terms carry through indefinitely for all evaluation options (including Resurveys, Renewal Surveys and Add-On Surveys).

This will save time and give you one less thing to think about when renewing Accreditation. Things to know:

  • Where is the contract? Find the contract in the main menu of the online application.
  • Accreditation cycle: For changes to the contract term, refer to Accreditation Cycle in section 22 of the contract.
  • Pricing: The pricing fee schedule is now in a separate document that will be updated annually. Find it in the main menu of the online application.

Questions? Contact us through My NCQA and an NCQA representative will be in touch.

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