Use NCQA programs to identify health plan and provider partners that excel in delivering equitable health care with measured outcomes, supporting equitable treatment for all employees.

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Employers have long struggled to keep up with the ever-increasing costs of providing health care to their employees, yet the underlying issue driving many of these costs—poor-quality care—remains. Many employers have implemented programs to improve health care quality by addressing gaps in care and directing employees to high-quality providers. In recent years, reducing disparities in care and ensuring that care is delivered in an equitable manner, regardless of an employee’s race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, or socioeconomic or cultural characteristics, has become a priority.

Employers can support their health equity priorities by identifying and contracting with health plans, provider networks, wellness partners and others that follow best practices for closing care gaps and prioritizing health equity. NCQA programs can help employers choose good partners and make good decisions for their employees.

Accreditation Programs

Building an Accountability Structure

NCQA’s Accreditation programs create an actionable framework and accountability structure to improve quality and protect employees. Health Equity Accreditation and Health Equity Accreditation Plus help employers identify health plans, health systems and others that align with industry-leading best practices to deliver high-quality, equitable care to all segments of their populations. At a minimum, employers should assess a plan’s accreditation status during the RFP process—but to drive true change, consider accreditation to be a requirement in a plan partner .

Quality Measurement

Making Data More Useable

Employers can leverage HEDIS® data to gain insight into the quality of care their employees receive from a health plan. HEDIS measures provide a way to measure plan and provider performance against evidence-based standards of care, and NCQA continues to evolve these measures to support health equity. Last year, NCQA began a 3-year, phased approach to have health plans report HEDIS data by race and ethnicity. Because plan performance varies significantly, employers can also compare data across plans to determine which plan might provide the best care.

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Custom Solutions

We’ll Tailor a Solution to Your Needs

NCQA can develop custom solutions tailored to your organization’s needs. Drawing on NCQA’s over 30 years of measurement and quality experience, our team of experts can help you implement measurement and quality solutions to advance health equity and reduce health disparities. NCQA is also looking for organizations to participate in pilot programs or research initiatives related to health equity. Contact us to learn more about opportunities.

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