Advancing Digital Quality Measurement

The Digital Quality Implementers Community, spearheaded by the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) is a new collaborative consensus-based effort to develop, advance and standardize tools and platforms that optimize digital quality measurement. The community’s work will enable the innovation and adoption of quality measurement by focusing first on currently available Clinical Quality Language (CQL) engines that enable digital quality measurements. Future plans entail expanding the mission to include additional tools, Implementers and programming languages in the digital quality sector over time.

The Digital Quality Implementers Community will:

Attract leading experts who share a commitment to enabling rapid advancement of a consensus approach to a quality enablement layer ensuring consistency across disparate solutions.

Establish consensus approaches for open infrastructure, tooling and best practices ensuring consistency, interoperability, and universal application across diverse health care settings.

Foster innovation, providing a collaborative space for the creation of cutting-edge tools that enhance efficiency in quality measurement applications.

Address challenges in the complex realm of clinical reasoning modules.

Instill confidence among stakeholders through the development of validation tools ensuring accuracy and consistency in the results produced by different proprietary solutions.

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This is a must for any vendor active in or planning the development of CQL engines supporting the implementation of Digital Quality Measures.”

-Dr. Eric Schneider, NCQA