Wellness and Health Promotions Requirements

NCQA Wellness and Health Promotions Accreditation/Certification evaluates wellness organizations that offer a full or limited range of wellness services. The flexible program lets organizations customize the review for the way they sell their products. Your organization must meet the eligibility criteria to pursue the accreditation/certification.


NCQA Wellness and Health Promotions Accreditation/Certification helps ensure organizations have a structure and processes to apply evidence-based methods proven to support health and improve outcomes. Requirements include these key areas:

  • Workplace program implementation.
  • Protection of private health information.
  • Ability of services to empower participants to improve their health.

To see all program requirements, get the Standards & Guidelines document.


The Accreditation standards are designed for wellness organizations that provide a comprehensive program that offers a broad scope of services. 

The Certification standards focus on organizations whose wellness programs are more limited in scope. Certification is available for the following products: health appraisal, self-management tools and health coaching.


Any organization that provides wellness and health promotion services can apply for accreditation/certification if it:

  • Provides wellness services, either directly or through a service agreement, and
  • Provides wellness services for at least three months before survey submission, and
  • Has a process for monitoring, evaluating and improving the quality and safety of services provided to eligible participants.


Health Equity Accreditation Programs

Health Equity Accreditation Programs focus on the foundation of health equity work: building an internal culture that supports the organization’s external health equity work; collecting data that help the organization create and offer language services and provider networks mindful of individuals’ cultural and linguistic needs; identifying opportunities to reduce health inequities and improve care.

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