Digital Content Services Understanding Data Output

Access Supporting Evidence PDF and Sample Data Output

Last updated: December 11, 2023

Disclaimer: The document and sample data available for download is confidential and must be used only as permitted by the NCQA Confidentiality Agreement. The sample Digital Content Services Early Adopter output may not represent the output for all users. NCQA’s Digital Content Services Early Adopter system is subject to change at NCQA’s discretion. 

Gain a deeper understanding through supporting evidence—intermediary measure calculations for care gaps, analytics and debugging. 

The Supporting Evidence PDF highlights subcalculations for the configurable MY2023 BCS-E measure. It is tailored to offer practical insights, and aids in interpreting and understanding supporting evidence.  

You can also access and review our sample data output. The sample showcases supporting evidence results and represents a single measure (MY2023 BCS-E) for a single patient. 

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