Data Errata for HEDIS® Data Submission

The data errata is a list of self-reported errors that were identified by organizations after the HEDIS data re-submission deadline of June 30th. Per NCQA’s HEDIS Volume 2, “organizations must immediately report any error in a measure rate or in its component (in any previous submission, regardless of timing) that is >5% higher or lower than what was reported originally.”

Errors are reviewed by NCQA to assess the impact to NCQA products and programs, including but not limited to Health Plan Ratings, Quality Compass and Accreditation. If the impact is determined to be significant, NCQA will notify customers via the data errata page and potential other avenues of communication such as the Quality Compass homepage.

Depending on the significance and scope of the error, NCQA takes the necessary actions. This data errata page lists the reported errors so that users of NCQA’s programs and products can see the description and resolution and consider any implications to their use of the data.

Date ReportedHEDIS Measurement YearOrg IDOrganization NameProduct LinesMeasure NameDescription of ErrorResolution
1/13/202220201565Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of the Northwest, Inc.Commercial MedicarePharmacotherapy for Opioid Use Disorder (POD)Erroneous logic results in under reporting of performance.Due to assessed level of impact, no product updates were made.
2/9/2022202013946Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of the Mid-Atlantic States, Inc.Commercial Medicaid MedicareAdherence to Antipsychotic Medications for Individuals With Schizophrenia (SAA)Erroneous logic resulted in over reporting of performance.Due to assessed level of impact, no product updates were made.
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