State Quality Solutions

Technical Assistance and Support for Your Health Care Quality Priorities.


NCQA offers states unparalleled expertise for measuring and improving quality. With nearly 30 years’ experience and the national leader in driving health care improvement through quality measurement, transparency, and accountability, we are uniquely positioned to help advance your state quality priorities.




  • Measure Development for innovative concepts or gaps (e.g., LTSS, eMeasures)
  • Selection & Alignment for value-based purchasing, public reporting, evaluation
  • Guidance on P4P, how to address HEDIS changes and reporting challenges

  • Quality Ratings/Report Card methodology design (measures, scaling approach)
  • Consumer Guides development, stakeholder engagement and maintenance

  • Primary Care Transformation such as new criteria, custom reporting
  • Surveys including development, maintenance and validation
  • Custom Evaluation Design for focused populations

  • Research including qualitative & quantitative methods (e.g., special populations)
  • Analysis to identify high performers & trends, brenchmarks, risk adjustment methods

  • Data Collection of HEDIS and non-HEDIS measures to standardize reporting efforts
  • Data Validation including methodology, protocols and application for quality assurance
  • Information Products such as Quality Compass (HEDIS benchmarks)

  • Stakeholder Engagement including consensus building and learning collaboratives
  • Education and Training
  • Marketing and Branding


California Office of the
Patient AdvocateNCQA supports annual report card methodology design for commercial HMO’s and medical groups.

California Safety Net
InstituteNCQA supports the QIP & PRIME programs with design and implementation, including measure development, testing and guidance.

California Integrated
Healthcare AssociationNCQA supports Align.Measure.Perform. program implementation, formerly known as VBP4P, including measure development, selection, guidance.

Delaware Health &
Human ServicesNCQA supports the state’s SIM transparency initiative, including scorecard methodology design, measure selection, guidance and analysis.

Indiana Family and
Social Services AdministrationNCQA supports the state’s 1115 demonstration waiver evaluation, including measure guidance and selection.

Massachusetts Health
Policy CommissionNCQA created 13 behavioral health integration criteria for the PCMH PRIME Certification Program and conduct evaluations.

Minnesota Department
of Health & Human ServicesNCQA conducts HEDIS data collection for 39 plans to ensure standardized collection.

New York State
Department of HealthNCQA created NY PCMH to unify state primary care transformation efforts, including modified criteria and scoring.

New York State
Department of Financial ServicesNCQA supports with annual production of Consumer Guides on Health Insurers to help consumers in decision making.

Tennessee Division
of TennCareNCQA supports SIM PCMH program implementation including custom reports on practice progress against milestones.

Texas Center for
Health StatisticsNCQA conducts HEDIS data collection for the state’s commercial HMO plans.

Virginia Health
InformationNCQA conducts HEDIS data collection for the state’s commercial HMO plans.


NCQA supports states through direct contract arrangements.

NCQA also teams with other organizations to respond to state solicitations. We are experienced in serving in both prime and subcontractor roles.  Our expertise can enhance state proposals and give your proposal team a competitive edge.


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