Find a Prevalidated PCMH or PCSP Vendor

HIT systems that earn PCMH or PCSP Prevalidation status have the functionality to help practices meet program requirements.

Prevalidated Vendor Directory

Vendor NameNCQA Program SupportedPrevalidated ProductsVendor Email
Arcadia Healthcare SolutionsPCMH,
PCSP 2019
Arcadia Analytics V4.10 -
AssureCare, LLCPCMH,
PCSP 2019
iPatientCare 18.0, iPatientCare
athenahealth (Virence), Inc.PCMH,
PCSP 2019
athenaFlow V22
athenaPractice V22
Patient Portal
athenahealth, Inc.PCMH,
PCSP 2019
athenaClinicals V22
athenaCommunicator V22
Azara HealthcarePCMH,
PCSP 2019
Azara Healthcare DRVS - Data Reporting and Visualization
Cedar Gate TechnologiesPCMH,
PCSP 2019
CareManager 4.7, Central Worklist
Cerner CorporationPCMH,
PCSP 2019
PowerChart V2012* and
PCSP 2019
Evolve - Voice (V14.7.0)
Evolve - View (V14.7.0)
Evolve - Orchid Kiosk (V1.08)
PCSP 2019
eClinicalWorks EHR/ Practice Management system, V10* & V11/11e*
Elation HealthPCMH,
PCSP 2019
Elation EMR Version
Emmi SolutionsPCMH,
PCSP 2019
Epic Systems Corporation PCMH,
PCSP 2019
EpicCare Ambulatory 2018-2024
Healthy Planet
Care Everywhere
Advance Device
Integration MyChart
PCSP 2019
Thrive Provider EHR
Greenway HealthPCMH,
PCSP 2019
Intergy EHR v21
Intergy Practice Analytics v21
Greenway Patient Portal 21C
Healthcare Data Solutions, LLC/
i2iSystems, Inc.PCMH,
PCSP 2019
i2iTracks versions 7.4 and 7.6*
IBM Watson HealthPCMH,
PCSP 2019
IBM Phytel Insight
IBM Phytel Outreach
IBM Phytel Coordinate
PCSP 2019
InCare V1.0 (Mars) and above
InGraph V1.0 (Mars) and above
MDLand, Inc.PCMH,
PCSP 2019
Medpharm Services, LLCPCMH,
PCSP 2019
Intelligent Medical Software Version 14 SP1*
IMS Care Portal
Immunization Interface
Medent PCMH,
PCSP 2019
MEDENT Patient Portal
Request a Demo Here
Support Access Here
PCSP 2019
Meditech Expanse Ambulatory v2
Meditech Health Portal v2
Email Vendor Here
PCSP 2019
ModuleMD WISE V9.1*
EPCS Gold PDMP Access
Netsmart Technologies, Inc.PCMH,
PCSP 2019
myAvatar 2019-2020
NextGen Healthcare PCMH,
PCSP 2019
NextGen Enterprise
NextGen HealthcarePCMH,
PCSP 2019
NextGen Office
Novant HealthPCMH, PCSP 2019EpicCare Ambulatory 2021
MyChart (Epic)
Referrals (Epic)
Cadence (Epic)
Prelude (Epic)
Care Everywhere (Epic)
Healthy Planet (Epic)
PCSP 2019
EpicCare Ambulatory 2022
MyChart (Epic)
Referrals (Epic)
Cadence (Epic)
Prelude (Epic)
Care Everywhere (Epic)
Healthy Planet (Epic)
Office Ally, Inc.PCMH,
PCSP 2019
EHR 24/
Office PracticumPCMH,
PCSP 2019
Office Practicum (OP) V14 and V20
Office Practicum (OP) Patient Portal V1.5.5
Physician’s Computer Company (PCC) PCMH,
PCSP 2019
PCC EHR Version
Practice Fusion, Inc.PCMH,
PCSP 2019
Practice Fusion EHR V3.7
SPH AnalyticsPCMH,
PCSP 2019
Population Care | Patient Registry
(formerly known as MDinsight v7.0)
Veradigm Inc.PCMH,
PCSP 2019
Veradigm EHR Versions 22-24
Veradigm Follow My Health
Vizbii Technologies, IncPCMH,
PCSP 2019
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