New Accreditation Designed with the Future in Mind

NCQA’s Virtual Primary Care and Urgent Care Accreditation provides organizations with a much-needed roadmap to quality virtual care, and better outcomes for patients who receive that care. The program uniquely positions organizations to identify gaps in their virtual programs, and report on track outcomes. This Accreditation highlights organizations that meet virtual care requirements, and may facilitate alignment with value-based contracting agreements.

Understanding the needs of both hybrid and virtual-first entities, and the nuances of care delivered virtually, NCQA developed two evaluation modules designed for organizations that offer virtual primary care and virtual urgent care. Organizations can pursue Primary Care or Urgent Care Accreditation—or can pursue both simultaneously, depending on their business operations.

Benefits of Accreditation include:

  • Help create processes. Understand patients’ needs, to better address potential health issues and provide preventive care.
  • Align staff and leadership. Improve quality, monitor improvement, and standardize processes.
  • Contract differentiators. A distinguishing factor that appeals to payers, government agencies and employers.
  • Recognition for delivering quality virtual care. Organizations can demonstrate their commitment to improving virtual care for member organizations and the community they serve.