Advancing Population Health Data Interoperability

The Bulk FHIR Quality Coalition is an NCQA/public-private sector collaboration focused on the business use case of leveraging regulated FHIR data (including Bulk FHIR clinical data) for NCQA’s HEDIS measures.

Phase 1 of the coalition involves payer-provider or ACO cohorts that create pipelines from clinical data (USCDI v1 data elements in US Core FHIR standard) and claims data (CARIN Blue Button FHIR standard), which are tested and validated against specific HEDIS FHIR Implementation Guides from NCQA (diagram).

Clinical data are sourced from the Cures Act “g10” population-based Bulk FHIR APIs hosted by certified EHRs.

Pipelines are created from live data in the cohorts’ production environments. The coalition requires HIPAA data sharing agreements between cohort participants in order for data pipelines to be created. No data are exposed outside the production environment, with the exception of insights and analytics (containing no PHI or PII) gathered from pipeline data testing and validation.

Cohorts will share insights and analytics on:

The performance of EHR-hosted Bulk FHIR clinical data APIs

The quality (correctness) of both Bulk FHIR clinical data and CARIN Blue Button FHIR claims data, based on testing and validation against specific HEDIS FHIR Implementation Guides from NCQA.

The quality (correctness) of clinical and claims data from any Enterprise quality assessment, business intelligence or analytics tools available in cohorts’ environments (optional).

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Leverage Regulated FHIR Data for HEDIS Measures

LEGEND: EHRElectronic Health Record|HEDISHealth Effectiveness Data Information Set|FHIRHL7 Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources|Bulk FHIRA standardized, FHIR based approach for exporting bulk data from a FHIR server to a pre-authorized client.|USCDIUnited States Core Data for Interoperability |IGAn Implementation Guide (IG) is a set of rules about how FHIR resources are used (or should be used) to solve a particular problem, with associated documentation to support and clarify the usage.|Data Flow

The Bulk FHIR Quality Coalition will play a crucial role identifying what works (and what doesn’t) on the promise of digital quality measurement.”

-Aneesh Chopra, President, CareJourney & Former Chief Technology Officer of the United States