National Collaborative for Innovation in Quality Measurement

The National Collaborative for Innovation in Quality Measurement (NCINQ) is a consortium of organizations committed to advancing measurement of pediatric health care and is led by NCQA.

With funding from AHRQ/CMS under the Pediatric Quality Measures Program, NCINQ will use national HEDIS® measures to conduct a quality improvement collaborative to encourage judicious use of antipsychotic medications and better depression management in youth.

NCINQ Measures

NCINQ will use data from national HEDIS reporting to work with plans and states to conduct special studies for making improvements in pediatric behavioral health care. Two quality improvement collaboratives will focus on the following HEDIS measures:

Safe & Judicious Use of Antipsychotic Medications for Children

  • Use of Multiple Concurrent Antipsychotic Medications in Children and Adolescents
  • Use of First-Line Care for Children And Adolescents on Antipsychotic Medications
  • Metabolic Monitoring for Children and Adolescents on Antipsychotic Medications

Click here for more information on the Antipsychotic Medication Management measures.

Depression Management for Adolescents

  • Depression Screening and Follow-up for Adolescents and Adults
  • Utilization of the PHQ-9 to Monitor Depression Symptoms for Adolescents and Adults
  • Depression Remission or Response for Adolescents and Adults

Click here for more information on the Depression Care measures.

NCINQ Activities

NCINQ will provide participating plans with training and resources to support quality improvement efforts. These include approaches for quality improvement, technical assistance and recommendations on measures, and methods for benchmarking progress.

Plans participating in NCINQ will:

  • Develop and commit to quality improvement activities
  • Learn best practices for adolescent depression management and engaging youth and families in QI work
  • Recruit practices or providers to participate in quality improvement initiatives
  • Attend regular collaborative meetings

Want More Information?

Please contact the NCINQ team at

HEDIS® is a registered trademark of the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA).

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