We are working to integrate telehealth with other care modalities to enhance provider-patient relationships and improve quality.

A Framework for Telehealth

Our Patient-Centered Medical Home and related programs inform this two-part model for high quality telehealth:

  • 4 foundational functions (in the black inner ring of the diagram) are “must haves”:  Regulatory Compliance, Financial Considerations, Privacy & Security, Technology & Interoperability.
  • 5 value-add functions (in the diagram’s blue outer ring) support patient-centered care and are not offered by all organizations: Patient Engagement, Financial Considerations, Evidence-Based Standards, Quality Metrics, Workforce Preparedness.

You can help update our knowledge by telling us what you think works and what matters in telehealth. Participate in the public comment organized by our Taskforce on Telehealth Policy. If your organization uses telehealth services, take our telehealth care delivery questionnaire.