FAQs: Diabetes Recognition Program

Following recommendations from expert stakeholders at the Digital Quality Summit, NCQA announces upcoming revisions to current Diabetes Recognition Program requirements. The information below addresses replacement of the 2015 program with 2023 program requirements.

When will the 2023 standards be available?

The 2023 Diabetes Recognition Program requirements are now available to purchase from the NCQA Store.

Will the 2023 program replace the 2015 Diabetes Recognition Program?


When can we begin submitting under the updated program?

You can submit under the updated program now. Visit this page to get started!

Can practices that began the process with the 2015 requirements switch to the 2023 program at no additional charge?

No. NCQA cannot “trade-in” a 2015 package that has already been purchased. Practices must purchase the 2023 Diabetes Recognition Program requirements.

Will the length of current Recognitions be affected?

No. If your practice earned Recognition under the 2015 program, the length of the Recognition will not be affected. It will remain in effect until the designated 3-year expiration date.

May a practice choose which clinicians it includes?

Yes. The Diabetes Recognition Program is voluntary.

Does each provider need a new Q-PASS account?

No. Each provider should apply using their organization’s Q-PASS account.


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