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NCQA gives people the information they need to find high-quality health care. We do this by measuring quality. Then we give our information to the public for free. 

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What is Quality?

Health care quality means getting the right care in the right amount at the right time. 

  • Right care—This means treatments that science shows actually work 
  • It also means treatment that fits the patient’s values, lifestyle and circumstances
  • Right amount—Not getting enough of the care you need is a problem of “too little.” Getting treatment for a condition that goes away on its own is an example of “too much”.  Getting multiple scans from doctors who don’t share information is an example of overuse too.
  • Right time—Timing matters because often the best treatment is care that keeps you from getting sick in the first place.  

NCQA measures quality in order to make it better. Find out more about what quality means.

Quality Improvement

Improving Primary Care
Quality care begins at "home": the Patient-Centered Medical Home.

Improving Health Care Systems
We help groups of health care providers work together to improve quality and lower costs. 

Improving Care for Everyone
Being able to talk to and care for people from different cultural backgrounds is important in a big country like the US. 

Helping the Public

Understanding State Health Marketplaces
Learn more about how to select a health insurance plan through the Marketplaces.

Helping You Find Good Doctors
Find high-quality doctors and other providers near you.

Helping States Promote Value
To make it easy for people to find good health plans, we help states build quality and value into the Health Insurance Marketplaces that states run.

Helping Workers
Many people have wellness programs where they work. How effective is yours?

Accrediting and Ranking Health Plans
Use our report cards and rankings to locate the health plan that's right for you and your family.

NCQA's Consumer Advisory Council
See who helps shape NCQA's programs, products and services and identifies consumer concerns.

Industry Research

Patient Experience Over Time in Patient-Centered Medical Homes- A Commonwealth Fund Study

The patient-centered medical home (PCMH) is being implemented in primary care practices across the United States, but there is little understanding of whether this care delivery model actually improves patients' experiences-one of its explicit goals. Commonwealth Fund–supported researchers sought to measure patients’ experiences over time in practices that have adopted the PCMH model.

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NCQA offers a variety of information and resources, including reports, published research, white papers and newsletters.