Helping Workers

Many employers reward workers who join ‘Workplace Wellness Programs.’ These programs can help you know your own health risks and take better care of yourself. NCQA accredits these programs if they have strong consumer protections and provide real help for improving your health. That’s an important difference from some programs that only make people with health problems pay more for care.

More and more employers are promoting programs to help employees live healthier lives. Good workplace wellness programs save money by helping you have better health, fewer sick days and lower health costs. That is why many employers reward employees who take part in wellness programs.

NCQA accredits workplace wellness programs if they provide help to get results. We also make sure they protect privacy and other rights.

To earn NCQA accreditation, wellness programs must:

  • Assess your health status and offer coaching on how to improve your health.
  • Give you targeted information to help you prevent health problems.
  • Offer services proven to increase your ability to manage your health.
  • Protect your private health data.
  • Clearly explain any rewards for taking part.
  • Provide options for people with medical conditions or other reasons why they cannot take part or meet health goals.

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