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Our Public Policy team regularly submits comment letters to federal and state entities on a broad range of health care topics. Read our most recent comment letters below.

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  1. 04.19.2022

    NCQA Comments on AHRQ Proposed Strategic Framework

    NCQA is pleased to provide comments on the strategic framework to guide AHRQ’s PCORTF investments.

  2. 03.04.2022

    NCQA Responds to CMS’s 2023 Medicare Advantage Advance Notice

    NCQA provides CMS feedback on promoting electronic clinical data for quality reporting for Star Ratings

  3. 02.04.2022

    NCQA Responds to the Senate HELP Committee’s PREVENT Pandemics Act Discussion

    NCQA urges Congress to modernize exchange of electronic health information to prepare for future pandemics

  4. 01.27.2022

    NCQA Comments on Proposed 2023 ACA Exchange/Marketplace Rules

    NCQA provides CMS feedback on requiring Health Equity Accreditation for Exchange Issuers

  5. 06.28.2021

    NCQA Comments on CMS RFI to Transition to All Digital Quality Measures (dQMs) by 2025

    NCQA is proud to share the following steps we have taken (and the steps we plan to take) to drive quality measurement toward a digital future—we believe many of these steps align closely with the vision described in the RFI and should contribute to CMS’s goal of fully digital reporting by 2025.

  6. 01.05.2021

    NCQA Comments on CMS Proposed Prior Authorization Rule

    NCQA supports proposals to streamline prior authorization, electronic data sharing, and standards for electronic exchange of social risk data.

  7. 12.22.2020

    NCQA Response to RFI ON Leveraging Technology for Chronic Disease Management

    NCQA describes how moving to digital quality can help leverage technology to improve chronic care management for older, underserved adults.

  8. 11.16.2020

    NCQA Multicultural Health Care (MHC) Factsheet

    NCQA’s MHC Distinction helps health plans and other entities meet the urgent need to address disparities. Download Factsheet.

  9. 10.09.2020

    NCQA Comments to PTAC on Telehealth in APMs and PFPMs

    NCQA told PTAC that telehealth can be a critical tool in advancing a well-coordinated, patient-centered and value-optimized health care system and that value-based payment models are well-suited to leverage telehealth’s potential.

  10. 09.04.2020

    NCQA Comments on Patient Matching

    NCQA urges the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT to improve patient matching by working to establish unique patient identifiers.

  11. 08.31.2020

    NCQA supports ACL’s Strategic Framework for Action

    NCQA strongly supports ACL guidance, including best practices for states to use in integrating services and improving outcomes for older adults and people with disabilities.

  12. 06.12.2020

    NCQA Urges HHS to Fund Primary Care

    NCQA urges HHS Secretary Azar to provide immediate, targeted COVID-19 Provider Relief Funds to primary care practice.