Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

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Organizational Commitment

NCQA strives to be an employer of choice and drive diversity of representation at all levels while fostering an inclusive culture. NCQAs diversity efforts include external community engagement and NCQA’s products and services.

Beyond slogans and statements, NCQA supports this commitment with actual allocated resources creating heightened awareness and assigning responsibility:

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Continuous Improvement: Assess & Audit

NCQA partners with external resources to assess our culture through employee surveying to identify gaps and discrepancies in employee experience. We also audit our personnel actions and compensation to ensure our employment practices reflect our commitment.

Goal Setting

Based on our assessment, NCQA sets organizational and departmental goals with supporting action plans, based on the 3 pillars of our DEI Stategy


Our Organization
  • Diversity of representation
  • Equity of experience
  • Culture of inclusion


Our external engagement
  • Assembly of committees, panels, speaker rosters
  • Expectations of vendors
  • Supporting community through giving & volunteering
Our Products & Programs
  • Build equity into all NCQA programs
  • High quality care is equitable care
  • There is no quality without equity

Organizational Development

NCQA promotes organizational change by focusing on individual change. We employ external benchmarking and internal best practices. We have executed planned activities to drive these values including separate DEI learning tracks for individuals and managers.

Cultural Integration

Our ultimate goal is to integrate DEI in all that we do. Through transforming systems & practices such as:

  • Eliminating bias in staffing: Sourcing from diverse pools, blind resumes and diverse interview panels
  • Building Employee Resource Groups
  • Preparing C-Suite with inclusive leadership skills
  • Building vendor and supplier diversity programs
  • Identifying and eliminating microagressions
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overall workforce employees
located in different states
average employee age
employed veterans
employees with disabilities
of new hires women in 2021
of women overall
of females in management
of diversity overall
of POC in management

NCQA is committed to building equitable products and programs.

Learn more about our Health Equity product work here: Health Equity Resource Center

Employee Resource Groups

LGBTQ+ ERG Pride Event 1 LGBTQ+ ERG Pride Event 2

NCQA employees at Pride events.

LGBTQ+ Employee Resource Group
  • Establish a safe forum for LGBTQ+ and Allied employees to connect, exchange ideas, ask questions, discuss matters of interest, seek support, and foster a sense of belonging.
  • Celebrate members' social, professional, and cultural contributions.
  • Support recruitment, retention, and professional development of LGBTQ+ employees.
  • Sponsor activities and programs related to LGBTQ+ identities and issues, for purposes of both education and empowerment.
BAA ERG NonProfit Event 1 BAA ERG NonProfit Event 2

The BAA ERG stuffing and delivering backpacks for a local community nonprofit event.

Black/African American Employee Resource Group
  • Promote, support and facilitate efforts and activities to increase awareness and understanding of the Black/African American culture and topics of relevance to Black/African Americans.
  • Develop and maintain mentoring, professional development, network-building, recruitment, retention and advancement opportunities for Black/African American employees at NCQA.


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Diversity Award Badge 2022

NCQA has received the 2022 Excellence in Diversity Award and has been recognized for building a diverse and inclusive workforce.

To learn more about NCQA’s initiative to drive diversity, visit the NCQA Diversity, Equity and Inclusion page.