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  1. 10.11.2022

    NCQA Announces Keynote Speakers for 2022 Health Innovation Summit

    Largest event in quality group’s 32-year history will explore quality’s future

  2. 09.28.2022

    Nine Organizations Earn Advanced NCQA Health Equity Accreditation

    Health Equity Accreditation Plus Builds on Core Equity Standards, Distinguishes High-level Organizations and Proves Feasibility of Enhanced Standards

  3. 09.15.2022

    NCQA Unveils 2022 Health Plan Ratings

    6 Health Plans Earn 5-Star Ratings in Annual Ranking of Top-Performing Health Insurance Providers

  4. 08.23.2022

    NCQA Appoints Dr. Bryan O. Buckley as Director, Health Equity Initiatives

    Multi-dimensional health care professional, educator, and researcher will lead NCQA’s ongoing efforts to make quality health care accessible and equitable

  5. 08.17.2022

    NCQA to Host Largest Quality Event in its 32-Year History

    Inaugural Health Innovation Summit will Unite Health Care Leaders and Innovators to Inspire and Accelerate Health Care Quality and Equity

  6. 08.01.2022

    NCQA Updates & Releases New Quality Measures for HEDIS® 2023 with a Focus on Health Equity

    Stratifying measures by race/ethnicity and affirming gender identity helps tackle health disparities

  7. 07.14.2022

    Report Outlines How to Overcome Barriers to Osteoporosis Care

    Report Outlines How to Overcome Barriers to Osteoporosis Care and Improve Prevention, Diagnosis, and Treatment

  8. 06.21.2022

    NCQA Launches Health Equity Accreditation Plus

    Program Aims to Improve Health Equity by Uncovering Social Risks, Addressing Social Needs, and Assessing SDoH Interventions

  9. 05.10.2022

    NCQA Releases White Paper on The Impact of Telehealth on Health Equity

    Report Outlines Root Causes of Disparities in Telehealth and Provides Recommendations for Improving Access for Underserved Communities

Media Information and Contacts

NCQA can suggest experts from the topics below. E-Mail us to request a media interview, or contact Andy Reynolds, Assistant Vice President for External Relations, at 202-955-3518.

Expertise include, but are not limited to, the following healthcare topics:

  • Measurement and Quality Improvement
  • Patient-Centered Medical Home
  • How To Find a Health Plan?
  • How To Find a Provider?
  • America's Annual Health Care Quality Check Up
  • Accountable Care Organizations
  • Getting Efficient, High Quality Care