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Renewing your Recognition with the Redesigned Process

  • PCMH 2011: Level 1, 2 or 3. 
  • PCMH 2014: Level 1 or 2 (If you are a PCMH 2014, Level 3, see this page). 

Practices that achieved recognition in PCMH 2011 at Level 1, 2 or 3, or that achieved recognition in PCMH 2014 at Level 1 or 2, can earn recognition at an accelerated pace. These practices may attest to meeting certain criteria without providing the evidence required of practices seeking recognition for the first time. Review criteria in the Accelerated Renewal Table. Before renewing, download the standards and guidelines document free of charge in the NCQA store

Your NCQA Recognition process is managed through Q-PASS (the Quality Performance Assessment Support System). You use this web-based platform to submit information to NCQA. Q-PASS lets you manage multiple organizations, practices, clinicians and recognitions through a single portal.  

Before Enrollment 


  • Enrollment kicks off the NCQA Recognition process. You: 
    • Provide details about your organization. 
    • Add practice sites to your organization. 
    • Select primary and secondary contacts. 
    • Select the recognition program in which to enroll. 
    • Add clinicians to each practice. 
    • Set up automatic credit (prevalidation). 
    • Sign legal agreements. 
    • Pay for recognition. 

Based on your practice’s current recognition, you can attest to certain criteria without providing documentation. For more information on this process, see the PCMH Accelerated Renewal (Review or Attestation) table for transition to the redesigned program. 

You can use Q-PASS to add evidence to other criteria. You will also use Q-PASS for Annual Reporting, to sustain recognition. NCQA recommends you enroll at least 4–6 months before your expiration date.