NCQA PCMH Renewal and How it Supports Quality Improvement

Resources for maintaining NCQA PCMH Recognition.

As part of the annual reporting process, your health center will demonstrate that its ongoing activities are consistent with the Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) model of care. Many of the metrics required are already tracked by your health center for other aspects of quality reporting required by HRSA. This overlap makes for a manageable process that health centers say promotes an active practice of quality improvement.

Tips to manage annual reporting:

  • Embrace PCMH and quality improvement. After you earn Recognition, continue to embrace and improve the PCMH model and activities—it will help when you submit for annual reporting next year.
  • Upload in stages. You can upload annual reporting requirements any time during the year, even before your NOI is approved by HRSA, allowing you to integrate annual reporting into existing processes. Note, however, that you may only submit requirements once, and only after HRSA approves your NOI.
  • Reviewing and adapting relevant measures. When measuring for quality improvement, make sure the measure you review is important to your health center’s population.
  • Get team buy-in. Talk the goal through with your entire team to confirm that it is possible and to get feedback about how to achieve it. Make sure staff understand that the value of quality improvement lies in improving patient care.
  • Involve your team. Work through the steps of annual reporting with your team—you want them invested in the goal and in the health center. Ensuring their involvement in decisions about patients touches on why they chose to be health care professionals.

Learn more about Annual Reporting for PCMH Recognition.

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