Essential PCMH Transformation Information for Health Centers

Resources for attaining NCQA PCMH Recognition.

NCQA provides support to ensure that your health center can pursue and maintain Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) Recognition without diverting time and energy from patient care. Many of these resources are accessible online; some provide a platform to connect directly with other PCMH-Recognized centers.


Virtual Training Participants

You can access training materials (slides, prerecorded presentations, activity materials, recordings of live sessions) in the NCQA Learning Management System for one year after virtual training ends. You can also complete program evaluations here.

Note: If you have technical difficulties with access, submit a question via My NCQA. Mention HRSA Regional Training and provide your region number.

If you are interested in pursuing the CCE credential, you can find the handbook and information at Certified Content Expert (CCE) – NCQA

Centers Pursuing PCMH Recognition

NCQA worked with HRSA to develop a suite of resources on the PCMH model and the Recognition process. You can find them here. They include:

  • Toolkit for Health Centers
    • Highlights the overlap between standard health center operations and the PCMH model.
    • Stresses how integrated services (e.g., behavioral health, dental services) strengthen the PCMH model and ease Transformation.
    • Provides a guide to the Recognition process.
  • PCMH: A Health Center Perspective
    • A video detailing the benefits of the PCMH model for health centers—a good introduction for staff or patients.
  • Recorded Trainings
    • Virtual trainings provided in 2020 on Pain Management and Person-Centered Outcomes that include presentations and Q&A sessions.
  • My NCQA
    • Ask questions about standards interpretations, eligibility, the CCE program or the Recognition process.
    • Download publications, including updates to the PCMH Standards & Guidelines.
    • Download the Welcome Letter with key information from NCQA, after HRSA approval of a Notice of Intent (NOI), part of the Electronic Handbook.
  • Certified Content Expert (CCE) Program and Directory
    • PCMH staff and consultants who have demonstrated in-depth knowledge of the requirements, the enrollment process and the evidence needed to earn PCMH Recognition.
    • Many states’ PCA coaches are CCEs.

Instructions for Submitting NOI to HRSA

First, health centers must notify HRSA of their intent to participate in NCQA PCMH Recognition by submitting an NOI in the HRSA Electronic Handbook (EHB) System. Follow these steps:

  • In the EHB, go to the Grant Folder and click the HRSA Accreditation/PCMH Initiative link.
  • Select NCQA in the Recognition organization list when completing the NOI.
  • Provide information on the total number of sites requesting Recognition.
  • Submit the completed NOI. Allow 2–4 weeks for HRSA to complete the review. Once the NOI is approved, HRSA will forward the notice to NCQA for processing.
  • After NCQA has processed the approved NOI, your health center will receive an email with subsequent steps.

For specific instructions, visit the HRSA website.

Using the HRSA Discount Code to Enroll Through Q-PASS

HRSA’s support allows your health center to enroll in the PCMH Recognition program at no cost. There are two ways to apply your NCQA HRSA discount code during the Q-PASS enrollment process, depending on your practice site’s current status:

First Time Q-PASS Enrollment?

First Time Annual Reporting after a Transforming Review?

Follow these steps:

  1. You should have received the discount code 2–4 weeks after approval of your NOI. If you do not have your code, contact NCQA. The email will have gone to the contacts listed on the Notice of Intent.

Click Apply Discount and enter the code in the field. Click Apply Discount Now. Once the code is   entered, you will receive a message that the code is pending approval. Discount codes are   generally approved within 5–7 business days (and often sooner).
Note: Discount codes only apply to NCQA PCMH Recognition and may not be used for PCMH Behavioral Health Distinction.

  1. Once the discount code is approved, click Create Invoice.
  2. Your order number displays; this is your invoice number. Click the order number to complete the transaction. There should be no payment due if you entered the HRSA discount code.
  3. A screen displays with your enrollment information. Click Complete Enrollment.
  4. You will receive an email with information about your NCQA Representative and next steps in earning NCQA PCMH Recognition. Your NCQA representative will contact you to set up your kick-off call if this is a first-time enrollment.

Second, Third, Fourth, etc. Year Submitting Annual Reporting?

Follow these steps:

  1. You must submit a Notice of Intent (NOI) annually for continued HRSA support.
  2. You should have received an email notification from NCQA that your NOI was approved and received. That email will go to the contacts listed in the Q-PASS account.
  3. Your use of the discount code is now pre-approved, click Create Invoice. If you do not have the option to Create Invoice or if there is an alert that approval is still needed, please contact your Representative.
  4. Your order number displays; this is your invoice number. Click the order number to complete the transaction. There should be no payment due if you entered the HRSA discount code.

Resources for Using Discount Code to enroll through Q-PASS

Click here to learn how to add your BPHC Site ID to Q-PASS.

Click here for step-by-step guides on navigating Q-PASS.

Question not answered? Ask an expert during a live Q-PASS Q&A session.

Online Support

NCQA provides additional training and technical assistance to help answer questions that may come up during the transformation process. Training includes “office hours,” when NCQA can respond to questions live, and teleconferences explaining documentation requirements.

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