Population Health Management Prevalidation:
2020 Pricing and Fees

Fees below are effective starting January 6, 2020.

Initial Fees

Vendors pay an initial application fee, plus a per element fee to earn prevalidated status.

Program Application Fee (nonrefundable): This fee is paid with submission of a signed Vendor Prevalidation Agreement. It covers preliminary discussions and gives guidance for reviewing vendor software solutions and alignment with NCQA standards.

Program Application Fees

Fee TypeFee
Application Fee$10,300

Per Element Fee (nonrefundable): A fee submitted for prevalidation review. The number of elements submitted for review determines the fee.

Per Element Fee

# of ElementsFee

Annual Maintenance Fees

An annual maintenance fee (nonrefundable) is required each year on the annual anniversary renewal date for maintaining prevalidation status and covering administrative support.

Annual Maintenance Fee

# of ElementsFee
4 $5,150


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