NCQA eCQM Certification: Directory of Certified Vendors

The firms listed below have earned NCQA eCQM Certification from NCQA.
(Updated January 6, 2021)

Apervita, IncMatthew Burton
(312) 257-2967
ApervitaCMS2v9, CMS117v8, CMS124v8, CMS125v8, CMS127v8, CMS128v8, CMS130v8, CMS154v8, CMS159v8, CMS161v8, CMS347v3
Azara HealthcareEric Gunther
(781) 365-2208
Diameter Health, Inc. Chun Li
(860) 606-7490
Diameter HealthCMS2v9, CMS124v8, CMS125v8, CMS127v8
FIGmdThirumalai E Rajagopal
(773) 672-3155
Interpreta, Inc.Raghu Sugavanam
(858) 795-1903
Interpreta Analytics EngineSeeking
IMAT SolutionsMark Coetzer
(336) 546-2070
IMAT Clinical Reports 7.5CMS124v8, CMS127v8
KPI NINJA, Inc. Renee Towne
(402) 202-5116
HIE 360CMS125v8, CMS127v8, CMS159v8
Nebraska Health Information Initiative (NEHII)Melanie Suber
(402) 506-9900
Ninja UniverseCMS124v8, CMS125v8, CMS127v8, CMS130v8, CMS154v8

*ECQM CERTIFIED: To identify the performance period/reporting year please reference the eCQI Resource Center’s website and search by the measure’s version number

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