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The State of Health Care Quality Report

 The 2013 State Health Care Quality Report includes NCQA's latest findings about the nation's health care system, notably:

Overuse use of antibiotics still a problem
In findings that echo and corroborate recent CDC warnings about overuse of antibiotics leading to antibiotic resistance, we see no progress on overuse of antibiotics—a serious public health threat.

Good news on childhood obesity
Measures crucial to fighting childhood obesity have improved for the second consecutive year.

Good, and not so good, news on childhood immunization
More kids are receiving recommended immunizations for influenza and rotavirus, but we have not seen a full recovery from the alarming decline NCQA found in 2010, in rates of children receiving other, critical immunizations.

Drop in substance abuse treatment, especially in Medicare
The proportion of people diagnosed as chemically dependent who proceed to recommended, timely treatment has declined dramatically over several years. The drop has been largest in Medicare plans, suggesting that America’s fast-growing senior population is more likely not to get needed treatment for addiction..

More Medicaid enrollees like their care
Medicaid enrollment is growing and will continue to growth with the implementation of the Affordable Care Act. Fortunately, patients are increasingly happy with their doctors – both primary care and specialists – in their Medicaid plans.

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